We’re passionate about helping small business owners get maximum online visibility through the use of our SEO services and other online marketing  tools. As a Charlotte SEO Company, we have enjoyed working with many local businesses and helping them to grow their customer base and increase sales, participation, donations or whatever goals they are looking to reach.  Search Engine Optimization is a challenging and ever-changing field that  requires an experienced and innovative team of engineers and a constant eye on how technology evolves. Our team is excited to bring that type of attention and persistence to your organization.


Keyword Research

We begin by performing extensive content and keyword research to learn more about your business.  From there, our team of engineers create an extensive list of keywords for the purpose of optimizing your pages and blog posts.  We utilize industry standard tools to build a list of keywords containing the Google search volume and competition metrics and develop a strategy for mapping your keywords to the pages of your website.

Competitive Analysis

Along with keyword analysis, we will also do an extensive competitor analysis using our industry standard SEO tools.  Our tools will give us insight on the competition, what keywords they are focusing on, and how they compare to your company in the eyes of Google.  Competitor metrics will be provided in your monthly report, so that your team can stay up to date with the progress in search results and address any ongoing opportunities.

Our Approach

Its simple, really.  We use the latest in SEO best practices and technology to bring you the best results and rankings possible.  In particular, we emphasize On Page SEO, which has proven to be the most effective method available.  Many firms take another direction, as On Page SEO requires more hands-on work, less automation and increased attention to your SEO campaign on a day to day basis.  These industry-leading practices, combined with high attention to the changing SEO landscape and a dedication to great customer service are what set us apart.