Due to the extreme delay in getting emails back online, we have developed a secondary solution to help customers reestablish email service with another provider.

Please complete the form below, and list the primary email or emails that you need activated.  We will create new accounts with another provider and repoint your mail records so that mail can be accessed there.  This process should take less than one hour per customer and restore some of the communication that is vital to your business.

If we need anything from you regarding moving the email records we will contact you by phone to expedite the process.


Thursday / 3pm:  The first of two SiteWizard servers has been restored and customer website are back online.

We do not have an additional ETA on other servers.  If your website remains down, the specific server restoration is still in process.

Customer websites are still down due to the resolution of the server migration. All website and email data has been moved to new servers and is intact. Your website should come back online in the same condition it was earlier, without any complication. You will also be ablate retrieve your old emails and those that may have been received during the outage that began Wednesday afternoon.

Due to the extreme amount of data that must be restored, the process of bringing website online has been extraordinarily slow. Unfortunately, the migration does not have a “progress bar” or percentage complete…we are simply waiting for the process to complete.

Please monitor your website and check back here for updates. We appreciate your patience during this hugely impactful and inconvenient event.

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