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Meet Emily Camardella – Design Intern

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When Emily approached us earlier this year about a summer internship, we liked her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, and knew she would be a great addition to ur team. Emily will be with us for the summer, assisting with all types of design projects and spending plenty of time adding WordPress experience to her resume.  Get to know Emily a little more…

What are looking forward to the most during your time at Lightbulb?
I am looking forward to gaining experience as a graphic designer in a real work environment. I’ve already noticed the difference for creating work for yourself and actually creating work for a client.  

What have you enjoyed the most since you began your internship?
I enjoyed starting on the About Your House website. It was definitely tedious, but I am happy with how it turned out. I have also enjoyed meeting everyone who works for Lightbulb Creative and Industry Charlotte. 

What are you most interested in doing once you graduate and join the real world?
I really enjoy branding and the problem solving aspect of it. I would love to be a part of a company where we create incredible identities for new businesses. 

Any personal trivia that we need to know?
I love watching documentaries! Maybe, because I am a nosey person, and love observing and learning about different people and environments. 


New Website for Arthurs Wine Shop.

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One of the things we enjoy the most is partnering with companies and organizations that  have been part of the Charlotte landscape for years. In the case of Arthur’s Wine Shop, that history goes back over 3o years.  Three decades of providing incredible products and customer service to their community.

When we began working with the team at Arthur’s, the primary goal was to help them move from being primarily a brick and mortar business, to capitalizing on their expertise and experience to grow their sales online. We designed a dynamic and inviting site and integrated capable and scalable platforms such as WooCommerce and Mailchimp. They now have the ability to easily manage hundreds of products and continue building a base of customer contacts with whom they can communicate their new offerings, services and promotions.

Check out the new Arthur’s Wine Shop website and see what a great new design and effective e-commerce platform can look like. We’re excited to continue to support the team at Arthur’s as their business grows and the corks are popping. Cheers!


Building a Team That Builds Great Stuff.

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One of the challenges we face at Lightbulb Creative is finding the time to work on our business, while we’re busy working in our business. You may have heard that phrase before. What it means to us is that we need to be sure we make the time to get better, faster, more creative and more effective while still keeping up with a demanding schedule.  Setting a record for the number of consecutive hours spent staring at a screen is probably not the best way to do great work and continue to grow as individuals and as a company.

How do we find the time to work on ourselves, as well as for our clients…here are a few things that work for us and that we strive to make a priority in our work week.

Staff Lunch / Taco Tuesday
By setting aside lunch for a time of team-building and meeting about current business, we create a more light-hearted environment that encourages plenty of conversation and also lets team members comment and chime in on areas of our business that they may not deal with on a day to day basis. We also have a great restaurant at our office that has incredible $2 tacos every Tuesday. Bonus.

That’s what we call it.  We just say “Outside.” It’s rarely planned, and is sometimes even the result of a roadblock or challenging issue we are working through.  We’ve found that one of the best ways to shake off the doldrums, frustrations or  blinders, is to simply…go outside.  Often, we find the solution during the walk outside…other times it takes a few minutes throwing around some new ideas in a new environment to get a fresh perspective. Sometimes we have no reason at all…it just feels like it’s time for a walk.

Field Trips
Another way that we build relationships and teamwork is to take a field trip.  Could be dinner after work, a concert or even coming into the office on the weekend to work on something that we all enjoy…and would get excited about whether we are being paid or not. Do we have to be careful to maintain a professional and effective balance when doing more social activities? Sure. But that’s why you’re the boss, manager, director or big cheese.  If you can do both, run a great team while sharing some personal time that strengthens work relationships, you’ll have a win-win.

So…go to lunch, sit under a tree or take in a show.  Maybe some of these things will work to help your team the best it can be and continue to do great work and provide great service for your business.